Intersect Festival

Intersect is a 2-day festival created by for Amazon that happened for the first time in December 2019. It blends music, art and technology for a special experience.

When Eric from proposed us to work on this, we did not know we were in for a 5 months ride. And it was all worth it! It was such a unique opportunity to tackle with a project this big and watch it evolves week by week, review call after review call, and then be able to experience it live in Vegas for 2 days.

We worked on the motion identity for all the communication and social assets, following the awesome art direction from Eric Au. We also provided motion graphics in-situ, for the big monolith and the big screens on the different scenes. We created animations for various canvases and display screens : from social posts on Instagram to videos displayed on a building in Times Square!

Event by
Creative direction : production.clubMike808, Eric Au
Art direction : – Eric Au
Motion identity & Animations :